Video highlights Airman’s ‘interesting’ resilience

LOUISVILLE, Tenn. — A video feature that highlights an Airman’s setback and recovery from open heart surgery was published online recently by the Air National Guard’s training and education center.

“I had wanted to produce a feature video about overcoming adversity this year and found Sergeant Wither’s story compelling,” said Master Sgt. Kelly Collett, a videographer assigned to the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center in East Tennessee.

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Air National Guard chief inspired by mother

Chief Master Sgt. Paula C. Shawhan is not the type of woman to wait idly for her stars to align.

Two months out of high school, Shawhan decided to follow her mother’s military success and enlist in the Air Force Reserve. Now she’s forged 22-years’ service as a medical technician but broadened herself beyond stereotypes as well as with the Air National Guard.

“No women should ever say, ‘I can’t do that because I’m a woman,’” said Shawhan. “I take my experiences, and I find a way to apply them. That’s one of the great things someone can do for themselves and for the Air Force – don’t get pigeonholed.”

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Airmen Train with South African military

PRETORIA, South Africa – Getting the opportunity to train in South Africa seems like a lifetime experience for any guardsman. So when South Africa, New York’s partner in the National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program, was chosen for European Command’s MEDFLAG 2004 exercise, New York’s airmen jumped forward to participate.

“This was the first time a contingent of NY Air National Guard personnel have joined the exercise, and it was a great chance to work with our new partners,” said Lt. Col. Patrick Roemer, 107th Air Refueling Wing civil engineer commander.

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