Pat Boone sings praises of National Guard

By Tech. Sgt. Mike R. Smith

National Guard Bureau

ARLINGTON, Va. — Gospel Music Hall of Fame member, singer and actor Pat Boone has recently recorded and released a music video that honors National Guard members.

Boone’s song and video, “For my Country,” glorifies Guard members from the heartland of America who are serving around the world. The ballad includes a message that the Guard has brought the Global War on Terrorism to the enemy, calling it a “deadly, dirty job that must be done.” It also includes passages that recognize the sacrifices of sweethearts and other loved ones back home.

“I figured we need to honor, now more then ever, our troops who have trained … and are doing an impossible job, bigger than anyone could have foreseen,” said Boone during an ex- clusive interview with The On Guard.

Boone first performed the song Sept. 15 in Albuquerque, N.M., during the 128th General Conference of the National Guard Association of the United States. The music video was released by Boone’s Gold Label in November in a DVD collection, which includes a one-hour documentary. Boone said the documentary tells the story of the National Guard through interviews with Soldiers and families. A free sample of the music video is available at

Also appearing on the DVD is the musical trio, Valor, which sings with Boone.

Boone said he hopes listeners come away from the song

saying “yes, these men and women are our finest and bravest.” Additionally, Boone is donating a portion of the DVD’s sales proceeds to the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Boone, 72, has been one of this country’s musical icons since the 1950s, when he was known as “the kid in the white buck shoes” because of his clean-cut image. His relationship with the National Guard dates back to the days of his famous great-great-great-grandfather, Daniel Boone, who was a member of the Kentucky militia.

“Meeting the country’s call like the farmers who picked up muskets … some of that DNA is in me,” Boone said.

“Meeting the country’s call like the farmers who picked up muskets … some of that DNA is in me,” Boone said.

Boone has used his music to honor the military before. Several years ago he recorded American Glory, an album of patriotic songs and military anthems. During the Vietnam War he recorded “Wish you were here, Buddy,” for returning Soldiers.

“I’m pro-American troops that answer the call, not pro- war,” Boone said. “In [the Vietnam] case we did not support the troops.”

“We owe the Guard a debt we can never repay as we go to school, to church,” Boone said. “But we can sure send our praise and unite behind them, not just while they’re fighting.”

By Eartheditor

Hello. I am a prior U.S. Navy sailor and photojournalist serving on active duty with the National Guard – combined, for more than 24 years. This blog features my more memorable stories and photos from that news pile as well as creative writing. All images and stories are by me unless otherwise credited. I hope to backlog more as well as write new stories. Thank you so much.
- Mike R. Smith

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